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September 2009 Updates

Summary of this update's contents: subscription filters are now available in alpha, most user journal pages can be viewed in ?style=light or ?style=site, clients now crosspost by default, there are new layouts, and [staff profile] mark is now a full time developer on Dreamwidth.

Subscription Filters

Subscription filters, used for filtering your reading page, are currently in alpha. You can check them out at the Manage Subscription Filters page. For free users, they function the same as filters on LJ, where you can create subsets of accounts. Paid users have some additional perks: they can create filters that only include certain tags or a certain level of adult content from individuals in that filter.

You can make a filter that your reading page automatically uses by creating one called "Default". To use a filter, put the filter name at the end of your reading page URL like so:

You can read current suggestions about subscription filters here or make your own. Upcoming changes include putting filters into the drop down on the nav strip and having an option to add users to different subscription filters when you

Crossposting Clients and Email

Entries posted by desktop clients or post-by-email will soon default crosspost settings--so if you crosspost by default, entries made by clients will now automatically crosspost.

More pages can user ?style=light and ?style=site

For people who have readability problems or want a more stripped down version of the site, nearly ever page in "user" space (any page with a URL starting with now works with ?style=light added onto the end. These pages also display with ?style=site; they could use some more styling, but they're a decent option when you want to view a journal page with the site menus.


The styles front steadily progresses. New styles include Blanket by [personal profile] sforzinda, Bases by [personal profile] sven, Sunday Morning by [personal profile] regna, Tranquility III by [personal profile] branchandroot, and Funky Circles by [personal profile] ninetydegrees.

Since there are now enough styles to span several pages, [site community profile] dw_styles ran a categorization poll on how people best want to handle categorizing styles. Due to feedback, there is now a base category section that shows all of the base layouts.

Current goals include dark-on-light and light-on-dark options for all styles and some new style designed for easy readability. If you have a color theme for an official style you'd like to submit to [site community profile] dreamscapes, [personal profile] zvi made a tutorial on creating them.

Full Time Developer

October marks the first month of [staff profile] mark beginning full time Dreamwidth development. This means that feature development on DW is about to really speed up.

News Posts and Code Tours

News, September 8th
News, September 14th
News, September 21st
News, September 28th

Code tours:

Code Tour, September 8th -- 17 closed
Code Tour, September 14th -- 30 closed
Code Tour, September 21st -- 26 closed
Code Tour, September 28th -- 21 closed

Miscellaneous Tidbits

DW is presenting at LinuxConf Australia in January. Some people have started posting user scripts and styles.