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October Roundup

Items covered in this post:


Site search is here! You can set your privacy settings to set whether or not you want your journal to be available to Dreamwidth's search engine or indexed by third party search engines like Google. If you have your settings disallow third party search engines, you won't be available to Dreamwidth's search engine unless you explicitly allow it. Letting others search your journal is on the agenda, too. Another option, "allow search by", will be added to let you specify who is allowed to search your journal.


First, sticky entries are here! You can add it on the display page on your account settings. This system is implemented so that if you're looking at somebody else's journal, you'll see *their* sticky entries, not yours.

There's also a brand new layout, Skittlish Dreams, ported by [personal profile] kaigou.

Search for "NNWM 2009" and you'll find new Nanowrimo based color themes.


Community maintainers can now designate a particular post in their community to be shown to new members when they join the community. The option is on the Settings page for your community.

Community maintainers may also now subscribe to notifications of all comments posted in a community, so they don't have to subscribe to every post. You can get this option by going to the "Track" action link on the profile page.

Icon changes

The 'shield' icon on posts filtered to custom access group(s) is now a lock with the tag icon superimposed. The icon for official communities is now .


Automatic crossposting for posts made by clients is now a go. Unfortunately, this caused a bit of an error where imported posts ended up being crossposted again. Fortunately, few people were affected and if you were, you should open up a ticket in Support so the problem can be taken care of.


[staff profile] mark is asking for postcards! And if you write your name on the back, he'll write you a custom limerick. Send them to: Mark Smith, 29059 Lassen St, Hayward, CA 94544

Paid Account Pricing

The six month discount from the launch of Open Beta on April 30th is now ended.



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